Our Mission

Townscape is a non-profit organization, dedicated to fostering community involvement in the effort to preserve the beauty and character of Lynnfield through multiple betterment programs, including, but not limited to: replacing and planting shade trees, community beautification projects, building and improving recreational facilities and the creation and improvement of town playground structures.              

Our History

In 1985 a small group of Lynnfield residents came together to raise money to purchase trees to be planted next to the Middle School and in the area of the Lynnfield Common. A year later, Townscape was formed as a non-profit corporation. Historically, Townscape’s mission has been to preserve the beauty and character of Lynnfield’s landscape by planting street trees to replace ones being lost over time and adding new trees to parks, cemeteries and open spaces.

Townscape began as a vision of a few people, but through the efforts of Townscape and the DPW, over 600 trees have been planted along the streets and parks in Lynnfield. Primarily, Townscape funded the purchase of these trees through donations of commemorative trees and through funds earned by the group at Geraniumfest.

In 2014, Townscape voted to silo funds raised by two private groups – the Fields Committee and Lynnfield Moms Group – in their efforts to improve the condition of the recreational facilities in town, most particularly the playing fields and playgrounds. Townscape laterally expanded the verbiage of its mission statement to include intentions to both focus on all public recreational space and not just on the planting of shade trees, and to increase efforts to promote community participation.